Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Store...

We will be opening a country store, selling organic gourmet products made from produce grown on the estate, and also specialist gifts, such as gardening tools, flowers and plants, and luxury toiletries. It is something which we had considered, after visiting many such stores at houses such as Chatsworth, Blenheim, Waddeston, and Highgrove in the UK, which all sell their own ranges of gifts and comestibles. Highgrove is by far the most impressive, and provides much inspiration...

The store in Tetbury (above) was opened by
HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall last year (below).

Everything is either grown on the Highgrove estate (below) of sourced from local farms.

We hope our range of produce will become as iconic as these other successful ventures, albeit on a smaller scale. We hope to have the shop open in time for Christmas sales 2010.

Above and below: Further examples of similar shops.

Something which I adore are all the small, hand made garden tools made and sold by Highgrove, such as below.
Above: Paper pot maker (A clean and green way to recycle newspapers into small seedling pots)

Below: Planting tags (I am often confusing newly growing plants with weeds without the aide of labels to remind me where I planted what!

Above: A dibber for making seed planting holes a varying depths, used in conjunction with a seed planting line (below).

We will also sell small tools. We will package them all up in gift sets in seedling boxes (such as the Highgrove one below), and sell them as hampers, along with gardeners hand balm and other yummy goods!
They do know how to present their products well!

As well as selling directly from the store, we will have stalls at local Farmers' markets, and have already been in touch with a specialist hamper company to stock our products in their hampers.


  1. Oh I just love the vision you have. I will definitely drop in on a trip back home sometime in the future.
    Haha, you've done it to me twice in one day...comestibles = food, edibles. Thanks again!


  3. I love that you'll be opening a store. Good luck with everything.

  4. I've no doubt your Store will boom. Lots of lovely goodies chosen with such care & thought by you both must be taken home to enjoy!
    Millie ^_^

  5. "Waddesdon", not "Waddeston".
    Fine blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Suggestion: stop trying simulating "toff talk" - doesn't work. True toffs don't write like this - in fact they don't write at all (blogs in particular) - too little time for that.

    Keep up the good job - & thanks once more for sharing.


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