Monday, July 5, 2010


We had a very stressful weekend. Spencer, our hound, was hit by a truck on the state highway to Morrinsville on Saturday morning. Spencer (the darker beagle, pictured below with his brother Willoughby), has always been a wanderer, but it was still a shock. The person who hit him didn't even stop, and a kindly police woman rang us to say that she had found him dragging himself along the side of the road.

He has been in hospital over the weekend on a Ketamine and Morphine infusion, and has stabilised. He has a badly fractured pelvis and will be getting an orthopaedic opinion this morning to find out what the best plan for managing his injuries is. We are again thankful to the ever dependable Richard, who came to pick him up from the roadside on his weekend off and take him into the Pet Practice. So, we wait with baited breath for the news.

Willoughby is beside himself. As you can see, they are very close brothers, and Willoughby spent the weekend crying at Spencer's empty basket, and quivering, and being ill.


  1. My thoughts are with you, Spencer and his brother. We are so blessed by our animals. One of my feral cats, Caledonia was hit by a car once and survived with a wonderful crooked smile. He is now gone but his brother, Albion is still alive at over 20 years.

  2. That is just horrible! Fancy not stopping to help, unbelievable.
    I hope the ortho report brings good news this morning and your baby makes a quick recovery.


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