Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tee 4 Me...

This weekend I want to give a shout out to my very creative friend Arifah and her brilliant new business Tee 4 Me! Here is a snippett from her website Tee 4 Me...

How it started

When my son turned two he became obsessed with fire trucks and police cars. One night after his bath he refused to wear his nappy as it had a picture of a duck on it. His dad got a marker pen and drew a fire truck over the top of the duck. Suddenly it was the coolest nappy in the world!

This instantly became a nightly occurrence. It no longer mattered what was originally on the nappy, only what was drawn on the nappy. Sometimes he'd request a fire truck, sometimes a police car, sometimes an entire row of them and heaven forbid if his dad drew one wrong! After dad did get it right we had another problem on our hands, our son would be so attached to his personalised nappy that he would often refuse to remove it the next morning! This went on for months and there were many great, and many not so great, drawings. I often thought there had to be a way to save and display these creations that my son was so smitten with.

Tee 4 Me

This company and our shirts are a result of those drawings and the deeply personal connections they created. My number one priority was for the child to be the artist and for me to just provide a template or a starting point of some kind. Children are so creative and have such wonderful imaginations that I wanted to strongly encourage this. By having a picture that they can colour in themselves, they could then make up their own story about the picture and make it truly their own. And by being on a t-shirt, they can proudly wear their very personal shirt for everyone to see!

This is what Tee 4 Me is about, encouraging children to experiment and express themselves. Put simply they are the artist and the t-shirt becomes uniquely theirs. Colour it, Wear it.

What a great idea, and so good to nurture a child's creative talents. Stop by her website for the perfect gift for the special little ones in your life.


  1. That was one, very clever dad! I wish a] I could have thought of drawing favourite objects on unwelcome clothes myself and b] would have had the talent to do so.

    For me, it isn't the nappy problem. Rather one grandson doesn't like to eat proper food. Imagine having his dinner plate with a favourite object in the centre. It would only become visible as he finished his veg.

  2. A fabulous idea!
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  3. This is a superb idea, what a womderful gift for Children Good luck on this cute business.


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