Monday, October 3, 2011

Water lilies...

Today, amidst an equinoctial thunderstorm, we potted up and submersed our waterlilies.

Above: Waterlily Peter Slocum

Thanks to the very helpful Sam Gamble at Waihi Water Lily Gardens we have sourced all the waterlilies for the lake and have settled upon the following choices...

Above: Carnea

Above: William Falconer

Below: James Brydon

Below: The very full flowered Gonnere

Below: The more delicate Hermine

Here are the contact details for the ever so helpful Sam at Waihi Waterlily Gardens...

He spent hours on the phone and by email getting to understand exactly what look we wanted to create, what colours and varieties were suited for us, and explaining how to plant and care for them.

Here is a very helpful and brief video clip of how to plant hardy waterlilies, courtesy of Silverthorpe Nursery.

Well now, I'm off to Bedfordshire after a grueling night shift in ED and a morning of getting saturated water-gardening in a storm. However, I am looking forward to sharing pictures of our Spring blooms from Willowbrook this Friday.

Please join us again then,

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