Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flash Flood...

So this is the height of summer? An unrelenting 3 day storm has snapped our London Planes down the drive, and caused flash flooding over much of the farm!

At least the pigs are enjoying the mud it has caused, as you can see from the clip below, though you can also see one of the piglets crates swimming in the water and their milk barrels blown on their side...

All in all a jolly good day to be wrapped up side studying. We are going to take a break this evening and go to see "The Iron Lady". I've been told it's very good...


  1. Not quite the "water feature" one would normally desire! A wet summer all round really, La Nina has a lot to answer for.

  2. let ue know what you think of the movie - i'm dying to see it myself. Maybe this weekend.

  3. Movie was OK. It focused more on her decline into dementia than her rise to power. Saved by the quality of Meryl's acting.

  4. Sorry to see the result of all the rain you have had recently David. We hear it was a very wet New Years your way. Hope the weather is improving! I haven't seen The Iron Lady yet but have heard similar comment to yours..Meryl saves the day. There are a few great interviews with Meryl around, one in particular is the BBC version. It is on You Tube if you want to have a look.

    Thanks for your comment and yes...Ho Chi Minh come July. It will be quite a change...most definitely an adventure!

    Best wishes to you and Peter...

  5. Sorry about the flooding and the snapping pf the plane trees, we have had much tree damage at Darlington in recent years and it is heart-breaking. I look forward to seeing the Iron Lady, and enjoyed the trailor. Thanks, and Good luck!


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