Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ad Victorem Spolias...


I am very please to announce that I passed my specialist exams and can now turn my full attention once again to Willowbrook; to getting the gardens back in order, getting the building underway, and blogging all the while. Please drop by this weekend to take a peek at the new look blog. Til then I leave you with some triumphal imagery fitting my current state of elation.

The Triumphs of Caesar (below) are a series of nine large paintings by the Italian renaissance painter Andrea Mantegna. They were painted between 1486 and 1505 for the Ducal Palace, Mantua. They depict the triumphal military procession of Julius Caesar celebrating his victory in the Gallic Wars...


  1. Many large and luxurious congratulations to you sir! A great accomplishment! I'm looking forward to more blog posts in the future!

  2. Congratulations, and well done! Hooray!

  3. Bang the drum, sound the trumpets.....hooley dooley David's passed, YAY!!!! Toss those books & pop the cork on a something totally French & delicious.
    Millie xx


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