Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend Wind-down...

As I drove home this afternoon from work in the warm evening sun, there was the melodious hum of suburban busy-ness: people mowing lawns and trimming their hedges, or out running with their dogs; making the most of the fine weather.

We have just come out of an appalling week, given we are in spring. Last week we actually had thunder and lighting and hail storms lasting days on end, and we are set to go back into another wet week ahead.

We were quite happy to have the spring rains. We needed them to wash in the eco-friendly fertiliser which we had scattered liberally over the farm. We had spread just over half a ton, with a bucket by hand, as the tractor spreader was kaput. Even the push spreader (shown above), which the store lent us, was broken. 

It was cold at times wandering up and down the blocks, back to the rain and hail, tossing granules in the air. But I felt more sorry for the spring lambs and kids which just had to take it on the nose as it were.

This weekend will be one of catching up on sleep after 21 days at work without a break, and several nocturnal landscaping missions by helmet light! Plans are finally starting to come together and next month we should be starting to build the entrance walls and get the iron gates forged.

I'm sure we will enjoy our weekend of recuperation (and probably still get some more work done at the park). Here's hoping you all enjoy yours- have a good weekend where ever you may be.

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  1. Dear David,
    I thought that I must write to say how much I am enjoying your blog. It must be very exciting to be getting down to brass tacks as it were, and sorting out the walls and gates.
    We are still at stage one with our plans and haven't purchased land yet - and won't until we are back in Melbourne in two years time - so we have all the highs and lows to look forward too. Reading your blog makes us want to start right now!
    Bye for now


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