Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Roses and Fountains of Willowbrook..

As promised, here are a few pictures of some of the roses and fountains at Willowbrook. The roses are fairly early in the season, so not all are in bloom...
Above and Below: The Lion and Griffin fountain in the yellow rose border of the potager. Behind this hedge is the vineyard.

Below: The orange rose  Wildfire

Then there is the stunning climber, Zephirine Drouhin, in the pink border, which is trailing up the archway between the potager and the orchard...

 The beautiful deep pink Chartreuse de Parma Rose...

 Below: All the prunings we planted 18 months ago which have taken root...

 Above: Gertude Jekyll

Below: Loving Memory

 Below: The oversized bloom of Marie Dot

Below: The Dolphin Tap Fountain in the central Avenue of the Vineyard  It has just been placed there, hence it looking a little plonked, but as the grass establishes itself it should look great. It will be the focal point down a grassed aisle flanked on either side by rows of Pale dusty pink Bering Roses between the table grape and the wine making halves of the vineyard.

Thank you to all those new followers who have posted comments or emailed me, and to my old friends, I hope to get back to commenting on your wonderful blogs very soon. D.

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  1. The Zépherine Drouhin looks lovely.

    If you can see if you can get Papa Meilland - I would recommend it 100%, not just for its look but for its truly heavenly perfume. We have it in our garden in Melbourne and when we move to the country I am going to make sure it comes with it no matter what!


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