Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nymphaeum 2...

The Nymphaeum is coming along nicely. 

Above: Looking south towards the entrance.

Below: Looking north from the entrance.

We were lucky enough to find 7 of these carved stone benches to go around the hedging. But alas, have yet to find any Herms/Terms. If anyone knows where We might source some could they please let us know - it would be most appreciated.

Above: An example of one of the benches

As you can see, the hedge has grown about 8 feet in the last year...
Above: Last Spring

Below: This Spring

On our last visit to London we went back to Kew, as I wanted to take some photos of the Herms/Terms there. I had mentioned them in my previous blog, but was disappointed to find I hadn't any nice photos of them from our previous trip. So, here they are...

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  1. A nymphaeum - how lovely! Will there be a grotto of some sort as well?
    I wonder if Haddonstone produces such items. I should imagine they do although I should also imagine that they are quite expensive.


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