Friday, August 30, 2013

The New Bell-Shaped Lawn...

In my previous post about the Urn en Flambeau Parterre I mentioned that the urn was in the middle of the Versailles lawn (we had named it thus because of the statues and urns that lined the hoggin paths encircling the lawn. The downside of the lawn as it was designed was that although it was the largest lawn possible with the space provided, it was severely asymmetric and there was no real backdrop for the urn parterre upon which to rest the eyes. So, with a little playing around we came up with the design below, which creates a symmetrical bell shaped lawn by placing a copse of trees (le petit bosquet) behind the parterre, and subsequently creating a separate field beyond it towards the farm, where we plan to sow our wild flower meadow.

Above: New Lawn
Below: Previous Lawn

The lovely symmetrical view from the back terrace, between the sphinxes, to the urn and the bosquet:

The view looking back to the manor from the bosquet:

The view through to the wildflower meadow - "The Elysian Fields" - from the terrace:

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