Friday, September 20, 2013

A Lovely Pair of Knockers!

When we were mooching about Marylebone Lane looking for The Button Queen, we happened across an old fashioned iron mongers (David Penton and Sons) and I saw the perfect door knockers for WBP in the window. They were just what we had been looking for (for quite a while).

Each measures 23cm (9") in diametre, and weighs quite a lot being solid brass. We managed to smuggle them back to the antipodes in our hand luggage despite their weight.

Yesterday I set to designing a suitable front door with gold detailing on a high gloss black lacquer base to show off the knockers. The black and gold is in keeping with the park's signage and logo, and I think it is quite chic. Here is the mock up...


  1. Very nice!
    It is amazing what one finds when not actually looking!

  2. Beautiful knockers and a beautiful mock-up. I hope we get to see them 'on parade'!


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