Friday, December 20, 2013

Willowbrook Christmas Update...

Well, last week I had a quick trip back to NZ, just for four days, to see how everything was going, and to catch up with friends and my Dad who was back in the country for Christmas. Everything was doing pretty well out at WBP...

Above and below: The entrance to the Bluebell Walk. It has come on quite quickly since it was planted 2.5 years ago.

Below: The grass knoll behind the lake where the Temple Folly is going.
Below: The plans for the Temple Folly

Below: The view down the south avenue of The Lime Walk from the upper balcony.
Below: Same view from the start of the avenue. Note where the statue of Bacchus is currently shall be the position for the Roman Rotunda.
Below: The plans for the Roman Rotunda
Below: The view from the Rotunda back to the Manor
Below: The view down the east avenue of the Lime Walk from the Rotunda to the Urn en Flambeau
Below: The view from the Rotunda down the north avenue towards the farm...
Below: A panorama from the farm gate at the end of the north avenue, with the new barn on the left and the large piles of mulch ready for use.
Below: View of The Nymphaeum from the upper balcony.
Below: The Vineyard, which has come on in at a great rate since it was created just over 12 month ago.
Below: My friend Gaynor at the entrance to The Vineyard from The Potager.
Below: Some of the berry beds in The Potager. The one in the centre is full of black currants.
Below: Blackberry Blossoms...
Below: Raspberries
Below: The Dovecote with the entrance to The Orchard from The Potager behind it.
Below: Willoughby decided he was too tired to shift when Daddy was trimming the hedge.
Below: The Orchard, with a view of The Manor rising in the distance.
Below: One of the Horse Chestnuts. They are the slowest growing of all the trees that we have planted, but they have still grown about 3 feet over 2 years.
A view over to Spencer's corner and The Nymphaeum...

Manor House Progress...
This week the block work was finished for the second floor, ready for the trusses to go on hopefully by Friday. Then the builders will be having two weeks off for Christmas, before getting back into it (which is really neat, as most builders would take a month off over this period). We are tracking on time and on budget so far. At this rate the roof should be on early February, with lock up not too far behind that. They are also planning on starting construction of the Carriage House and Chapel in the new year, then the huge job of the interior fit out will start.
Above: A view of the Manor from the West.
Below: A view of the Manor from the South.
Above: A view of the front portico forming, with the balcony above.
Below: A view inside The Manor from the front door.
Above: A view inside The Ballroom. It looks small inside until you have something to give it scale, such as in the photo below, where Peter is standing in one of the arched doorways...
Below: A view of Badger's Wood and The Serpentine Walk from the upper balcony.
And finally, a view of the sunset from the Master Bedroom...


  1. I can't believe the scale of all you're doing! It's really a lifetime's work, isn't it? One fine day you'll be able to sit back and soak it up!

    1. Thanks, Yes it is a fairly big project but we are looking forward to to the day when we can at last enjoy it.

  2. So much progress! The manor is really taking shape - quite literally. The landscaping is maturing nicely and the temple and rotunda will really add some lovely features. The fruit trees are especially gorgeous.

    I think we must have been in NZ at the same time - I ducked over just last week too.

  3. Well David, I must say that it all looks rather exciting! I am enjoying watching the progress of it all.
    A Happy Christmas to you both, and all the best for 2014!


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