Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Molton Brown at Willowbroook Park...

Willowbrook Park has now ensured that its guests will experience a truly pampered stay with Molton Brown's exquisite range of luxury bath products, spa treatments and room fragrances.

We had originally planned to have self-branded guest amenities, but then Peter pointed out to me, when one goes to a hotel which has self-branded amenities, you never really know whether they are going to be good quality products or whether they are just economical products that have been repackaged. The only way around this is to stock branded amenities from a top quality and well respected manufacturer. Peter mulled it over for a while and then recalled that when we go to London we always stock up on Molton Brown products to bring home for ourselves (especially the Naran Ji handwash and hand cream, and the Molton Brown Mineral Bath Salts. So he contacted Molton Brown directly and they have agreed to supply us with their range of luxury goodies!

We will be able to mix and match from several complete ranges of products to create unique packages tailored to guests' moods or the theme of the room. Maybe a relaxing Templetree for the Chatsworth suite, and an oriental Ylang Ylang or Heavenly Gingerlily for the Blenheim, with a romantic Coco de Mer for the Brideshead Suite. Aroma-Reeds for all the powder rooms and scented bedside candles for every suite...

They are going to send us samples of their range so that we can choose our favourites.

They have such a large range I am sure we will have fun test driving all of them. 


  1. Oh yes, oh yes. I love and use Invigorating Suma Ginseng, or recently discovered "Fresh Bushukan Ginseng" bodywashes.

    I could say they are both heaven, but then you two would probably know more about that place place than I.

    Do have them, please.

    On a semi related note, two younger friends are getting married and have asked my husband and me to be their celebrants. We are complete novices, and are both reluctant...oh dear, maybe it's a generational thing. It all seems too smaltzy. It is supposed to take place in Saigon next April. Perhaps I should send them to you instead. But they want 100 guests, which is all a complete anathema...we had a CP "thing" in the British Consulate in Saigon, after 20+ years. It was just us, and the best and most appropriate way of doing it.


  2. Oh, your guests will be assured of a heavenly experience with MB products in their rooms. I adore them, especially the Heavenly Gingerlily and the Lili-Pili smells - delish!

    I remember when I worked in London often passing the MB store on South Molton Street. Now they are so successful they can be found the world over in the best places.

  3. Not only does the range of luxury bath products, spa treatments and room fragrances have to be useful for the visitors ... but as your photos show, the products have to look smart. When I stay in a classy hotel, in Melbourne or otherwise, I really appreciate attractive packaging in the bathroom.

  4. I love that you've gone to such detail in your planning - right down to the fragrance for each room.

    Have fun testing all the samples!


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