Friday, May 1, 2015

Lake Overhaul (3rd Time Lucky) & Fountain...

At present we are having a major over haul of the lake.  The lake was one of the first attractions we created at Willowbrook, but has over the years caused us a number of problems, due to issues with the liner, trauma sustained to it, gas build up underneath it, and indeed, the difficultly of several times trying to set up the perfect micro-climate in the lake.

To start with our Indian Runner Ducks polluted the lake and ate the new shoots off the waterlilies before we could establish a nitrogen balance. Once we re-homed our ducks to the pond on the farm, they were no longer an issue, but then the wild Mallards found a new home and continued to graze on the flora in our lake, and added their own nitrogen to the water...

So at great expense we drained the lake, cleaned it out, replaced the lilies and other oxygen creating plants, and refilled the lake, but alas further accidents ensued, and the lake required draining again.
This time we are determined to get it right (especially with our opening this Spring!).

The lake liner has been completely removed, the edge of the lake reveled, the bridge started, and soon it will all be put back and planted straight away with approximately 25% surface area of plants (which will grow quickly to the required 33% which is generally considered to be the minimum amount of surface water coverage to keep a lake clean and clear and to deal with the nitrogen balance).

Warning to those considering clearing a green lake or pond by dropping bales of pea straw into it - it doesn't work!

At the same time as our great remediation we will install a proper water oxygenating fountain. There are several on the market, but for our little lake this 1/2 HP model with 5 different fountain heads seems to fit the bill, especially with 1 head specifically designed to oxygenate lakes of volumes up to 25000 cubic metres of water.

Above: The ornamental Tri-star head.

Below: The oxygenating / aerating head.

Oxygenation heads can look pretty...

Although the other heads could be used for special occasions, as they are more dramatic...

I have also found a series called "The Great British Garden Revival" (Following in the increasingly common trend of the Great British Bake Off, and The Great British Sewing Bee, etc.) But it does showcase some wonderful gardens and ideas. I think there are about 10 episodes in the seris. The episode on water gardens is posted below for your perusal. Enjoy...

I am currently back in NZ and should be able to share more progress photos soon. The project is getting a bit like the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - "Things will be alright in the end, if they are not alright it is not the end".

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  1. I do not know the first thing about lakes or fountains, but can now appreciate the complex balance involved in keeping one healthy, thank you. Good luck with it all. Third time lucky perhaps?

    Also, thanks for the great tip on a new show (at least to me). I think I have something to watch this weekend that sounds right up my alley.


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