Monday, June 8, 2015

Lake Progress...

As shared in a previous post, due to several issues with the lake liner, we had to have it removed, and the lake relined with a different product, one with a long life guarantee! The dimensions of the lake remain unchanged, but the liner is now made of a plastic product 5 times thicker than the previous liner, and there is special gas venting geo-textile underneath with 10 vent ducts around the perimeter to allow for escape of natural gasses which build up under usual conditions. Here are some pictures of the lake once the old liner had been removed...

Above: The jetty being deconstructed to allow the liner to be placed over the posts.

Below: Peter standing on the circumferential ledge upon which we will plant marginals in shallow baskets.
Above: The ledge and the hillock.

Below: A view towards the bridge.

Below: The jetty posts sans boardwalk.

Below: The re-lined lake, quickly filling with the aid of the wet weather. The white sand bags started off in the centre of the lake to hold the liner down until there was enough water, and have slowly been shifted towards the outside. It shouldn't be long until they can be removed altogether. They are currently on the marginal ledge. Just outside them is coconut matting which has been sown with grass seed so that once the lake has filled one will never see the liner.
 Above: The view from the balcony.

Below: Panorama from the hill, the view from the future folly.


  1. Well, you have been busy. What a task to have to re-line that enormous pond! I knew nothing of building a pond before reading your two posts on the topic and I wish you the very best that second time around is best.

  2. It's probably an optical illusion, or the unearthed parts that make the lake seem much bigger in the first two photos. Whatever the case, I'm sure the lake will prove to be a joy to behold, especially once the plantings around have taken hold.


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