Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Little Orphan Alex...

Peter and I are currently enjoying life in the slow lane, having taken our annual hols. We are visiting family in Denver before flying on to London later this week to catch up with friends and urban family there.

Before Peter left there was one small tragedy on the farm - one of the highland cows died during child birth, leaving behind a little bull calf one cold and wet night. Peter named him Alexander, and thanks to the help of our friend Sue, he is doing really well. Peter collected some colostrum from my uncle and set up a feeding system with a tank and a teat. After some coaching Alex got the hang off feeding from it. 

The first night he was born was the most touch and go, but getting the colostrum into him and getting him in to a warm shelter saved the day...

 Then we transferred him down the road to our friend Sue, who has been caring for him...

Now he is doing well and integrating with our highland calves from last year, who also live down the road, coincidentally next door to Sue...

They have been making him feel welcome...

I'll leave you with these short clips of Alex. When we get back from our hols there will be plenty of news to share, and some more progress photos as the builders are steaming ahead with all the interior marble now.


  1. In light of the tragedy of losing your cow, it gladdens my heart that Alex pulled through. What a sweet creature he looks to be and how exceedingly fortunate to be the recipient of your care and attention.

    Enjoy your holiday in both the US and England.

  2. I am glad Alex is doing well. Enjoy your holidays.
    Big hug,

  3. How relevant to read your post, as I prepare to head off to the land where this breed originates. Glad to hear the young beast is surviving as an orphan.


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