Saturday, October 31, 2015

Slow and Steady...

It's been a very busy month at work, with stepping up to a new position at work whilst still managing my previous position until someone else is found to fill the post - hence very little in the way of blogging this month. There has been steady progress with the build, and Peter has had a challenging time with the gardens with Spring always requiring a task force to keep them in shape. The green barn gets taken down this month and the concrete dug up for planting the second half of the vineyard.

Here is a photo of the back of the manor from the urn parterre. Hopefully we will be able to start to shift in to the upstairs next month. The carpet is due to be laid upstairs in a fortnight or so, with all the painting and marble being finished next week, and the final fit out of the plumbing and lighting the week after that. Then they will focus on the downstairs area, trying to get us in by Christmas. We are hosting a large Christmas party this year, being the first in the manor, with family and friends flying in from around the world to visit. 

Hopefully November will be a better month for blogging. Thank you to everyone who still stops by now and then to keep tabs on the progress. We appreciate your support.



  1. Great to hear you news, don't overdo it at work! I'm really looking forward to seeing you both in the house for Christmas.

  2. Thanks Simon,
    Yes, It will be a wonderful relief once we have shifted in.

  3. Nice to meet you! And I cannot imagine how wonderful it must be to live in all that green. We've had a little rain in California, but too little to feel that we can count on green.


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