Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Message 2015...

Thank you to all of our followers who over the past 6 years have followed our progress here on the WBP blog.

Anyone who has followed our blog will know that the journey to get to where we are has been a challenging one. We couldn’t have made it without all the love and support of family and friends. So too, all the support we have got through comments on the blog has spurred us on.

Although we are a year behind schedule, and still have 8 weeks of finishing work ahead of our first wedding, we are very happy to celebrate Christmas this year in our new home. And, for now at least, we can turn our thoughts to celebration and reflection upon our accomplishments.

Let us also remember in our merriment those for whom Christmas is not such a joyous time. May we all find the joy of generosity and true charity this festive season.

We hope that this festive season is one of joy, and that you are all surrounded by the warmth and love of friends and family. May you too relax, and marvel at the year that was before tackling the new year with all its possibilities.


  1. Your dining room has come up well! Happy Christmas and good luck with the final furlong.

  2. Merry Christmas, chaps. Beautiful dining room and great to see such a lovely picture of you both.
    Can't wait to see more of the interior...

  3. Hello Lords Cowell,
    I want to wish you both all the best for 2016. Following your wonderful adventure has been a great inspiration to me and enjoy every post. Hang in there, the incredible project will be finished before you know it, just try to enjoy every minute along the way.
    Big hugs
    N.B. The room on your picture is incredible!!!


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