Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Ballroom...

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The Ballroom at Willowbrook is modeled on a composite of ballrooms from the great houses of Europe, but draws much inspiration the Hall of mirrors at the Palace of Versailles...

The room has large arched French doors on 2 sides, and mirrored, arched dummy 'French doors' on the third side. The doors on the fourth side open onto the Loggia, Hall, and Music Room.

Here are 2 examples below of effective mirrored arches and 'doorways':

Like the adjoining music room, the walls will be paneled in gilded boiserie work. Boiserie is a French term pertaining to the paneling of a room with wood from floor to ceiling, often with ornate molding which may be painted or gilded. Our ballroom will be a similar size and proportion to the one below:

Boiserie places a room in a particular period, with connotations of period costumes and masqued balls...

Above picture from Architect Design

When it comes to flooring I keep vacillating between classic parquet - good for dancing, strong, and long lasting:

and marble - shiny and beautiful, but not strong and not the best for dancing on:

It's a hard choice. Any advances? - your comments would be most welcome.


  1. So pleased you used a picture of mine :-) thanks for the credit!
    I also recognize a picture of the sunroom at Carolands - decorated by Mario Buatta. Do you have this book -'Carolands'? it's MAGNIFICENT, You would love it.

  2. No, I haven't seen the book. I did try to find your post on Carolands, but couldn't seem to find it amoungst all the other :-) Could you post a link to it? Which picture is the sunroom?

  3. The 6th one down is at carolands - with the rounded top mirror and finished limestone walls and a lot of potted palms and a bit of the french lantern in the top left hand corner. I had a series of posts on the house & book but the publisher requested that I remove them a few months ago. Definitely see if you can get a copy of the book!!


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