Sunday, February 21, 2010

How tall should our doors be?

I have mild OCD when it comes to symmetry and things being level. At present the windows in the drawing room and dining room are set so that the top of the windows is at the same height as the external doors, in order that they appear correct from the outside. This, however, means that they will be higher than the internal doors (not that anything at Willowbrook Park is proving to be 'standard').

Thus, we have two options (other than changing the window heights):
  • The first, we have taller internal doors in the ground floor - 10 feet high to be exact.
  • The Second, we have 2 feet tall pediments / ornamental plaster panels atop the 8 foot high internal doors, to take them up to the 10 foot height to match the windows.
Which raises the question, how tall is too tall for a door? ... ... ...

Her Majesty seems to fit quite adequately through this door at Buck House.

These doors at Versailles are also comfortably tall:

Or should the door be a standard 8 feet tall, with a 2 foot ornamental pediment:

(Above photographs from Michael Hampton)

I like the plaster work above these doors, and the crown molding around the room.

For another excellent post on molding in general, see Greet's post at Belgian Pearls.


  1. 8' tall is generous - 10' would feel a bit odd. While generally you align windows and door heads, -i'm assuming the 10' tall windows are from a transom and not hte windows themselves? Either way, 8' internal door with an overmantal or panel of some type would be best I think.

  2. Hello my fellow OCD'er;o)
    At only 5'2", anything over 6 feet is fine with me! Lucky you got that very helpful and constructive comment above because I'm no help at all in this department, sorry.


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