Monday, September 20, 2010

Coach Lanterns...

We have started to look at each light fitting for Willowbrook - an exhausting task, and we have finally come across some coach lanterns we like the look of for the outside lighting. They have a slightly Gothic quality to them. There will be a '9357 LD' on either side of the arch into the Carriage House, as one on either side of the French doors to the Terrace outside on the Second Storey. There will also be a pair on either side of the main gate, one on each stone gate pillar.

The hanging coach lamps (9855 LD)will hang inside the front portico (x2) and also outside in the loggia of the downstairs terrace (x3).

Then the matching lanterns on posts (9559 LD) will be dotted along the paths in the park. I think they should look quite stunning at night.

Whilst they are not strictly Georgian, they are by far the most impressive in the catalogues we have looked at. Others looked quite generic. What do you think? Does anyone know of better lighting companies we should try in Australasia?

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