Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wedgwood 2...

Last Friday I went up to Auckland and spent the day in a giddy whirl of drive-by antiquing, fabric and wallpaper sourcing, and the odd glass of decent wine. We found quite a few lovely Wedgwood pieces for The Wedgwood Room. Here is some of the bounty:

I have been reading Tricia Foley's book At home with Wedgewood. In it there is a chapter on the present Lord Wedgwood, who resides in America with his wife. It shows some lovely photographs of their home,

Below: The Present Lord Wedgwood.

Here are some other pieces I would dearly love to add to the collection...

Blue Jasperware

Black Jasperware

Black Basalt Pieces


  1. Oooh the black jasper draws me in! Sounds like your day in the Big Smoke was a lot of fun. Lord Wedgewood should be an honorary Aussie, he seems to spend so much time out here. He's apparently a charming man. Love all your glorious images.
    Millie ^_^

  2. Thank you Reggie Darling for your comment:

    "That's quite the haul of Wedgwood that you picked up the other day! I have collected black basalt for years, and am always pleased when I find a piece with the Wedgwood mark on it."

    I accidentally pressed delete instead of publish!


  3. Lord Cowell,

    I was looking for a photo I could post on my fledgling blog, and came across your site. The Wedgwood, needless to say, is exquisite, and I would like to use a couple of photos if that is alright - one was the ceiling from Dublin. I will make note of where the photos are from with a link.

    Thank you for sharing, and may your endeavor be as successful as you intend.

    Many blessings to you,

  4. Yes, of course that is fine Marianne. I look forward to following your blog.

  5. Thank you, David. And yes, you are welcome to "visit" any time. As I said, it's a fledgling blog...a little bird with large wings, but I hope she grows into them.

    May you have a glorious day!

  6. Hello David, not sure of you heard the sad news of Lord Wedgwood's recent passing. I just stumbled across the fact yesterday. RIP.


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