Saturday, April 16, 2011

Almost There...

Followers of Willowbrook's progress will know that the completion of the lake has been a long drawn out affair. It was the first large project we undertook at the park. The lake, a quarter of an acre, was dug out in June 2009. This was just before winter and it then filled with water before we could line it. By the first summer the lining had not been fabricated (as we were a long time in deciding exact material and thickness and manufacturers (UV stabilised vs non-UV, 500 micron vs 1000 micron, prefabricated and welded vs spray on rubber... Who knew there were so many options!).

Above: The field before

Below: The Lake and Bluebell walk after

By the time we had the liner by the lake ready to go, we had come to the following autumn, and due to intermittent rainy days falling on the only days the installer could come down from Auckland, we were then into Spring of last year. In the interim we pumped out the water, enough to build the jetty. As you can see, soon after the jetty was finished it flooded again. It looked lovely over winter, but the problem is that it dries out over summer. An unseasonally wet spring prevented us once again from completing the project. Now, finally, the stars have aligned, and the lining company was able to make it down, and the weather held out, and now we have a 1/4 acre of strong butyl rubber liner installed, and the edges ready for planting next month with irises, lillies, pickerel, and narcissi. The water is on, and we shall wait patiently for it to fill (as will our ducks). Given that we will not be shooting any wild ducks on our property this season, we guess that it will become a safehaven for the local mallards come May.

Above: The small hill destined to be the site of a small neoclassical folly...

Below: Delusions of grandeur????

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