Monday, April 4, 2011

The Wild Flower Project

This winter we will sow a strip of wild flowers along side the brook and under the willow trees. We have found inspiration for this in several places...

Above and Below: The famous wild flower meadow at Highgrove. The wild flower project there was started by the Prince in 1982, with the help of Miriam Rothschild. It was in response to the effect that modern farming techniques were having on native wild grasses and flowers due to spray drift and country road verges being mown before the flowers had flowered and hence seeded. It took several years for the 120 different varieties of flowers and grasses from 33 differing species to take a hold. The first couple of years were not so rewarding (so we shall know what to expect), but after they established themselves amongst the natural flora they found their stride.

Above: Painting by Jenny Causer.

Below: The great Southern Motorway idea of planting between the lanes of traffic south of Auckland with wild flowers. They have unfortunately not been replaced after 2 years, but they brought much pleasure while the project was running.

Below: Poppy Meadows

The strip of flowers will hopefully give some definition to the brook, as a temporary measure until we get our dry-stone wall built. Leigh at Brabourne Farm has some more stunning photos of meadow flowers here...


  1. i would love to see poppies wild and blooming.

    i bet it really adds a great deal to your landscape!!!


  2. there are some really fascinating studies about wildflowers in the median of a roadway. they're said to keep people more alert on long drives as the colour is constantly catching their attention.


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