Monday, June 11, 2012

All that Glisters...Our Business Cards Have Arrived

As some readers may have gathered, the reason we updated the blog appearance is that we have settled upon a colour scheme for Willowbrook Merchandise and Accessories - Gold and Black. The choice seemed to be elegant, timeless, and reasonably popular (and therefore fairly easy to come across items to customise, such as black bath robes, towels, pens, jar lids etc. So when it came to designing our stationery I continued the black and gold theme. 

We tried several different combinations of card and font and settled on purchasing the following options:

Gold engraving on black card...

and black engraving on gold card...

There was something very Batemanesque about the amount of thought that went into the design...

I hope they send the right sort of message about our establishment.


  1. I hope that elegant business cards really do impress people. Otherwise you could put your name and telephone number on a plain bit of white cardboard.

    Black and gold look very smart!

  2. Love the look - the gold on black is so elegant. Thrilled to find and follow your blog!


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