Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blushing Brides and Bouquets...

For added depth and colour to the entrance of Willowbrook we've decided to plant a low hydrangea hedge in front of the Leylandii Hedge (on the exterior side). We picked up the hydrangeas at the weekend, which were a gift from Peter's mother, Marie. 

Above: Hydrangea 'Bridal Bouquet'

Peter at Ngaroto Nurseries ordered in the hydrangeas specially. He knew we wanted stunning white ones, which would not fade to brown as the season progressed, and when he came across Bridal Bouquet he thought they would be most appropriate. 

It is also that time of year again when the frosts start to come. We covered all our citrus in The Orangery area with frost cloth, which Willoughby found most amusing...

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  1. Ah, I must remind myself you are half a world away with the climate. We're just nearing triple digits (farhenheit), thus my confusion.


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