Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Dubbo Chronicles No. 9 - Some Enchanted Evening.

A friend of mine invited me to see Marina Prior and David Hobson performing at the Dubbo Regional Theatre last night.  Marina Prior is an Australian soprano acclaimed for her roles in musical theatre, esp that of Christine in The Phantom.

David Hobson is an Australian Tenor famous for his operatic performances, particularly his role as Rudolfo in Baz Lurhman's 1990 production of La Boheme.

Their show was entitled "Some Enchanted Evening", and comprised a range of musical songs, operatic arias and contemporary pieces.

The title of course was taken from the Rogers & Hammerstein musical South Pacific. It was a lovely evening, even though they didn't perform Some enchanted evening, which was a pity as it is a song I know well (Peter has a recording of it on 78 which we often take out on the wind-up gramophone when we go for picnics).

I found this performance, by Ma-Anne Dionisio, Randall Keith and Joseph Mahowald, of Some Enchanted Evening. I had never heard of any of these singers before, but they are all quite accomplished...

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