Saturday, May 11, 2013

Transplanting trees with a Tree Spade...

When we had the base course for the drive put down, and the entrance block work put up, it became clear that the plane trees we planted 3 years ago were quite a way off centre with where the drive ended up being placed. Also, over the 3 years it became clear that some of the trees were growing at different rates. So, we had a tree spade come in to dig up all the trees, swap them all around so that the heights were more balanced, and place them  very accurately and symmetrically on either side of the drive (within an inch or two).

Above: A photo taken of the trees last year. One wouldn't want to dig out 30 of these with a spade and shift them by hand. The other good thing about the tree spade is that all the bulbs which were planted around the base of the trees were transplanted as well.

Above: Tree spade cutting the hole
Below: Planting the trees

Below: Newly placed trees

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