Friday, November 1, 2013

Forcing the Issue...

We are trying to source some Rhubarb Forcing pots for our potager and for a friend's. They are easy enough to come by in the UK and Europe, but getting them here in one piece is tricky. I think our best bet is to commission a local potter to make some for us.

Forcing, or growing a plant in darkness in order to force it to grow taller in search for light, is a great way to grow all manner of stem plant more quickly, such as celery, chicory, rhubarb, chard etc.

We saw plenty of forcing jars in the gardens of the country estates we visited recently.

When you first take the lid off the jars the leaves are yellow from the lack of light on the chlorophyll.

but after a few days they green up quickly...

The jars themselves make nice ornamental additions to any garden. 

1 comment:

  1. Very Charming. An excellent commission for a local potter. Perfct solution for a gardening feature and benefit. Thank you for sharing.


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