Saturday, November 16, 2013

What's Wrong with Red Trousers?

I happen to own a pair of red trousers which I think are rather spiffing. They are comfortable and fun. I defy anyone to wear a pair and feel anything less than cheerful. Recently I wore my pair of red cords to work (on a non-clinical day). Let's just say they did not receive critical acclaim. 

Now, I can understand that in the fashion backwaters of Dubbo anything that is not a chequered western shirt coupled with RM Williams jeans and boots is considered avante guarde. I was surprised however, that in the last month there have been disparaging remarks on The Now Show and The News Quiz about red trousers. John Finemore has even written a song about them.

 Red trousers are fun...

So I decided to do some digging to find out where the anti-scarlet sentiment was coming from. Not surprisingly the vile Daily Mail had a suitably borish article on the RT. The Guardian weighed in on the issue too before The Telegraph came to the defense of the vermilioned posterior. It seems that much of the recent 'to do' was sparked by a poll, which asked people what they first thought of when they saw someone wearing RTs:

By far and away the first thing people thought was Red, followed by Gay. From all the photos I could find there was nothing that seemed to demonstrate that the RT was a Gay phenomenon (I certainly never received the memo).

There is even an entire blog dedicated to the Red Trouser - the following photos are examples from the blog 'Look at my F... Red Trousers'...

There are a few Hooray Henrys...
But I say...


  1. Nothing wrong with them! I thoroughly approve:

  2. There we go, I knew I was in fine company!

  3. First word that comes to mind when I see a gent in red trousers is Jolly!

  4. Don't you dare stop wearing them David - you could be about to set a whole new trend in dear old Dubbo, a true lasting legacy!
    Millie xx


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