Sunday, November 29, 2015

Progress Update Part 2...

Climbing up the newly laid stairs, our update continues with the first floor.

Above: The stairs being laid. My OCD is such that we had to have solid one piece treads and risers, as when I walk up tiled stairs the lines of grouting do my head in...

Above: View of landing from long gallery. The balusters have all been made for the stairwell and balcony, so these should be able to be installed next week. We're still not sure whether the banister will be carved wood or formed from pouring coloured concrete into boxing on site. There are pros and cons to each. We had to ditch our ideas of wrought iron balustrade and banisters as we had seen the quality of the ironwork being imported for other projects which was terrible, and having the same product made to our drawings in NZ would cost an arm and a leg. We have used to following staircase for our inspiration for the finished balustrade...

 Above: View across landing near top of stairs.

Below: Upstairs powder room. A smallish space, but still better to have an additional space for guests to freshen up; and it is well appointed. We have a lovely mirror to hang above the vanity.

The Brideshead Suite is almost ready for use as well. Below a view looking towards the bed end...

and with the furniture waiting to be unwrapped and placed...

Looking towards the other end of the suite:

Inside the bathroom, a view of the spa bath with the Rowe and Perrin fittings all plumbed in.

  The curved marble with handmade cornicing came out well. 

The vanity and loo...

The Chatsworth Suite...
This suite too is ready to be furnished and used.
 Above: View from where the bed will be positioned.

Below: Views towards (left to right) the entrance door, wardrobe, espresso bar, and bathroom.

Space inside for fridge (bottom left), and the shelf above that (which will be finished with a marble surface) upon which the nespresso machine and tea tray etc will be. Then there are an additional 2 shelves to be added to the unit above for other things (? what exactly).

The Chatsworth vanity and loo (red marble, gold taps).

The Blenheim bathroom (gray marble, nickel taps).

The Blenheim suite is yet to be wallpapered, but once it is we will share some more pics. Here is the furniture in the Blenheim suite waiting to be unwrapped and placed after the papering is done.

The Master Suite
Above: View as you walk into the room.

Below: View facing south corner.

Below: Fireplace and chandelier. Once all the crystals are hung there will only be an inch of head clearance. Alas, it can not be hung any higher, but being a little lower is more traditionally Georgian, and it will allow light to shine onto the four-poster, which it wouldn't if it was a foot higher.

 The Master Bathroom

Master Vanity

 and master shower (AKA 'the carwash').

 David's Study (AKA 'The Lords').

The unpainted spaces above are to be fitted with cabinetry as per diagram below...

... but alas when the furniture arrived it was the wrong size and the wrong colour (even though there were several detailed and well dimensioned drawings which were sent). So, we have had to order the same again in the correct size and colour, which being made overseas will not arrive until late January, early February. I will look forward to relaxing in my study then with a glass of scotch to celebrate the end of this long running saga.

Below: The furniture before it was unpackaged.

This was the same for Peters study (AKA 'The Commons').

Peter loves the green colour of his walls. Here is a closeup of his door handle...

Join us tomorrow for a stroll around the grounds in our last update post before the big shift on the 20th December.


  1. So happy to see it all coming together for you and you will have Christmas there as planned. It must be so fulfilling seeing your meticulous planning coming to fruition.

    1. Thanks. If you are back in Morrinsville at any stage do look us up and come and visit. We would love to show you around and have you for afternoon tea.

  2. I can't tell you how good it is to so much colour coming in to your pictures. It really transitions from building site to home! I love the Lords/Commons reference.
    Have a great week, guys.

  3. So wonderful to see each beautiful step of this amazing process. What a magnificent place to be able to call home. It's truly stunning.
    Kind regards, Catherine

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I've just popped over to your bog "In The Fields". Such beautiful photos in your gallery, and what a labour of love replacing all your sills!


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