The Gardens

A Gallery of the Gardens at Willowbrook Park

The Lake
The Potager
Above: Climbing Rose Zepherine de Drouhin on arbour between orchard and potager.

Below: Some more roses in the potager.
Some of the bulbs in the potager...

The Berry Beds...
Above: The Black Currant bed in the potager garden. There are nine berry beds in total.
Above: Blackberry Blossom
Below: Raspberries
Below: The dovecote near the entrance to the orchard from the potager.

The Orchard
Above: The Orchard in Winter
Below: The Orchard in Summer

The Orangery

The Vineyard
Above: The Vineyard in Winter
Below: The Vineyard in Summer

The Olive Grove
Above: The Olive Trees
Below:  The entrance, soon to be a sweeping tunnel through dense alders from the lake into the grove.

A panorama of the grove from entrance to end...

The Bluebell Walk
Above: The Bluebell Walk in Winter
Below: The Bluebell Walk in Summer

The Drive
Above: The Orchard Hedge in Spring
Below: The Orchard Hedge in Winter

A closer look at some of the bulbs under the plane trees...
Above: A Flaming Parrot Tulip, which starts budding as below...
and slowly progresses...
to a flower of striking colours...
The Nymphaeum


The Lime Walk

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