Weddings & Events

As many readers will know, we are hoping in the fullness of time to offer Willowbrook Park as a venue in which couples may celebrate their weddings and civil unions. Until then Peter will continue conducting weddings and ceremonies at locations of the couples' choice, as a registered marriage celebrant within New Zealand.

You can visit  his website here:

Whilst Peter offers this service independent of Willowbrook Park, there is Peter's natural association with Willowbrook Park, of which couples may wish to take advantage.

" We turned to Peter for advice about planning the ceremony. He was very helpful to us, with lots of good advice about the details of the service - his background as a priest made him a great source of information. Peter is patient, supportive, and has a wonderful sense of humour, and manages a great rapport with all whom he meets...and we would recommend him to any future couple."
                                                  - Kahl and Cristina Betham.
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