Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wells, Augers, and Divination....

Today we went out to the park and investigated the well which we had inherited from the previous landowner. After hitching the concrete cover up to the tractor we managed to remove it, to find a 40 foot pipe inside. We sent down a length of alkythene to take some water out for testing.

Then my grandfather, who is rather an expert at divining for water, clarified the position of the underground spring and underground stream which runs across the land and supplies the well. He could consistently track the stream undergound all the way across the land with a Y shaped piece of Beech. Hopefully, because of the free flowing stream, the water will be of good quality. We know that it will be clean and toxin free, but water in this area can have high levels of iron in it, which can block water filters and pumps.

We then surveyed where the fencing would go for the horse and where the water pipes will be run throughout the park. Then, we put in a temporary mailbox. We had fun using post-hole borer and auger, but my grandfather, a seasoned farmer, knew exactly what he was doing.


  1. that looks like a fun day -good family activity :-) What a fun machine, the post-hole borer!

  2. Across the ditch we'd consider you very lucky indeed with this find. Better than a diamond mine these days! Hope all the water tests come back just as you hope.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Great progress, keep up the good work.


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