Friday, July 24, 2009

A little jetty and a rowboat for the lake...

Once the lake has been all planted up, we are going to install a small jetty for a little boat, so that we can go for a row on a summer's evening on the lake. We are looking for something small and old, probably varnished wood, not painted. I found a few photos of some little dingies, and a couple of jetties too.

The idea of getting a boat reminds me of going punting on the Cherwell in Oxford with our friend Hugh. Hugh, who has lived in Oxford for decades, is an expert punter, and he took us out last summer. I had a go at punting, and it was quite hard work. You soon learn not to hold on to a muddy pole for too long. I much prefered lying back in the punt, a la Sebastian...

Here are some photos, including one of a swan, of which I am very proud...

We won't be trying to recreate the French Swan-boats at Versailles (somethings are a little too much even for us!)


  1. Old wooden boats are exceptionally hard to find (in Australia)- I've been looking for one for the last few years to use on our dam but to no avail. The search continues. Leigh

  2. I adore old wooden boats. I also love a painted one in a bluish green shade. you have a glorious blog

  3. We have a great Company here in Adelaide who make the coolest wooden boats, do go over & have a look. Not sure how you'd get one across the ditch, think sailing one so small may be fraught with danger. I think we may have to mobilize Air & Sea Rescue if you give it a try!
    Millie ^_^


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