Friday, August 7, 2009

Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.....

My grandfather and I went out to put in the gate and fence between the Nymphaeum and the farm,

but alas, there was too much water, once we got down 2 feet, to dig the further 3 feet we needed to put in the strainer posts,

so we had to abandon it for a couple of weeks until the ground dries out. Still, it will be good conditions for planting the orchard. We also met one of our new neighbours today, who came to say hello and see what we were doing, which was nice.

We ended up going horse riding instead. My grandfather says that until I can gallop flat tack with the reins in one hand and roll a cigarette in the other, I can't call myself a rider!


  1. Then I will probably never be a rider myself! What a wonderful life you live! Hope the ground dries out soon. Maybe you could send some of that water here.
    Happy Friday!
    xxx kim

  2. Your grandfather sounds fabulous~
    I am really enjoying your blog~


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