Friday, September 11, 2009

Paul Bangay...

The planting is going well at Willowbrook. We have planted 200 Leilandii, and 100 Fejoas as hedges. We have the Laurel, Yew, and Holly on order. We have also made a start on the Orchard, although many of the fruit trees are on order and will not be available till next April (which is fine because we are at the end of the ideal planting season anyway). If nothing else, gardening is teaching me patience - sigh.

I have taken a little time out to read everyone's blogs, and do a couple of posts. This post is about the Australian gardener Paul Bangay. I cam across a couple of his books in Borders. I like his timeless sense of garden design, which offers modern gardeners a contemporary approach to gardening, whilst providing numerous homages to classically satisfying designs.

You can check out his blog at: Paul Bangay's blog

I won't say too much, as Leigh at Brabourne Farm has already created a lovely post about his work.

I have three of his books at home which I can thoroughly recommend (although I have seen lots of his other books and he does seem to recycle a lot of his photos from book to book), so I would commend these ones as his best books:

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  1. He's really carved a niche for himself hasn't he? I recently saw an article about his country house & it was lovely. Very relaxed, but still incredibly stylish (read as the books & mags everywhere were stacked with military precision!). I think if I tried to that here @ The Hedge MOTH would have me taken away for a little 'holiday' in a private Clinic! Still I can dream! Cheers to you both.
    Millie ^_^


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