Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Marble Fireplaces...

We now have to decide on the fireplace settings and mantlepieces for Willowbrook.

There are 8 internal fireplaces and 2 external fireplaces.

Here are some of our favourites so far...

Some of these examples were found at, a company which specializes in high-end chimneypieces, such as the Lansdowne Neoclassical fireplace above, and the Pelham fireplace, below.

Given that English country houses are a hodge-podge of styles, due to additions and alterations over successive generations, we do not have to religiously stick to Georgian period fireplaces, although that period produced some of my favourite stone and plaster work. Anything with a classical and monumental effect will suit well...

I must say that I do prefer natural stone hues to that of more colourful marbles, malachites et al, but they can be pretty...

I am not a fan of ultra tall chimney pieces, but here are a few nice examples...

What are your thoughts???


  1. Jamb are a great source (photos 3 & 4) but I imagine shipping out to NZ is an expensive business.

  2. Number one I love the Lambs.
    As for the fire places I lost count. I think it was 3-6-8-11
    and 13 Some were really beautiful. I seem to go to
    for arched and curved ones..


  3. I really like all of your fireplaces. You have great taste in designing Willowbrook Park. I just installed two new fireplaces in my home here in Charlotte North Carolina just before Christmas and they are quite nice---they are Montreal limestone. I chose tudor design and I could email you a photo of them if I had your email address. I really enjoy following your blog. It is very inspiring to say the least.

  4. Hi,

    I just found you through my dear sweet friend Trina at A Country Farmhouse. Did I read that right about all those fireplaces? I'm going to be busy reading your posts further!


    p.s. I LOVE the movie Crush btw!

  5. Love nearly all of them but like you I'm a fan of the less colourful stonework. I love the taller ones as well - they give a fabulous sense of scale and grandeur. Just a thought - will you be carving anything extra into them such as your family motto? I love the thought that these are such monumental pieces that hopefully will be respected and appreciated by future generations, including your own personal inscription or dates adds to the sense of history of a place. All the best with choosing!


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