Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Farm Sign...

Last weekend it was awful weather. The holes which we had dug to foot in the jetty became filled with water (not that that will stop us getting the job done), and the farm animals got saturated again for the 12th day in a row. So we decided to turn our hand to building and erecting our new farm sign for the rare breed farm based in 10 acres of the park.

Our friendly neighbour, Richard, dropped by to help us and brought some lovely rustic beams of Totora with him, which we used for hanging the sign. His partner Sheree also came and helped, and made us cups of coffee :-)

After lots of chainsawing, chiseling, screwing, bolting, and fighting with well soggy soil, we managed to get the sign up...


  1. LOVE the sign! so fun to watch it being put up (and not have to help).;

  2. We have saved the wooden silhouette
    sign (that we had made years ago-)
    Animals at rest on a rocky hillside under a tree. Now it graces our barn
    Love the fact that you did yours in metal!

  3. Your sign is absolutley brilliant!! Did you design it?
    Would love to know where you had it done.

    Jeanne :)

  4. Thanks Jeanne,

    We modified a photo we found on the internet. I 'photoshopped' a photo into a black and white silhouette, and then we had it laser-cut out of iron and powder coated.

    We used a company in NZ to cut and coat it.


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