Monday, July 12, 2010

The Circle of Life....

Whilst we are still coming to terms with the loss of our little boy Spencer, a ray of hope has pierced the gloom: Bramble gave birth to 2 live baby goats - the first for the Willowbrook Stud. This was unexpected, for although we knew she was pregnant, from the dates we were given she was not due for another month. Both the kids are girls, and are unrelated to our ram, Bracken, as Bramble was pregnant by another ram when we purchased her, so we now have 3 does for Bracken to cover next year.

We have registered with the NZ Boer Goat Breeders Association and are planning to register our goats and the rest of our animals with the NZ Rare Breeds Conservation Society

The boys were quite jealous of all the attention Bramble and her little kids were getting...

We also had a big planting weekend this weekend gone, planting nearly 2000 trees. I shall post some photos once I have finished drawing the overall park design and layout maps, so that visitors can see which photos belong to which part of the park.


  1. Your life sounds very rewarding - the circle of life indeed.

  2. Those babies are darling, just precious. Such cute ears. You have been busy. That's alot of trees.
    Now rest some and enjoy those cute
    goats. yvonne

  3. Now those are 2 cute kids- actually adorable, adorable. Let us know their names! pgt

  4. I have just become engaged and would love to get married here, as my fiancee and I lived together in the U.K for four years. It holds a very special place in my heart. How is a wedding in Feb 2010???

  5. I have never seen such beautiful goats; absolutely adorable.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your precious dog.

  6. Dear Jess,
    We hope to be open by the end of next year (Summer 2011/12). We still have much to do.

    We wish both you and your fiance the very best for your special day. David.


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