Friday, August 6, 2010

Draft Of The Grand Plan

Well. We are now approaching 4000 trees planted over the last month, with a few more set to arrive soon. That will be all for this year. With so many trees needing to be planted at once, it was important that we knew where they were all going. Thanks to a rough map, we had that taken care of well in advance.

But for all of those out there in the ether of cyberspace, who are unable to stand in the middle of the park and survey all the hard work, I have had a second [but still rather unaccomplished] attempt at drafting a plan of the park (the 15 acres of farm excluded from this plan) so that One may get an idea of the overall layout of Willowbrook Park, and how each of the themed gardens and areas fit together...

Above Plan revised August 2013

In future posts (and with future refinements) I shall add to this plan, (which is still in a semi-embryonic state) and also take each separate area of the plan and illustrate the design points in finer detail, starting with The Hydrangea Lawn.

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