Friday, January 14, 2011

The Fabulous Beekman Boys

Recently one reader brought it to my attention that We here at Willowbrook might share something in common with The Fabulous Beekman Boys, so we had to investigate this further to find out whether he was right.

The Beekman Boys are two lads from Manhattan, who star in a reality television show about their transition from city life to that of gentlemen farmers. Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his partner Brent Ridge have become lifestyle farmers and have launched their own brand, Beekman 1802.

Brent, a physician who later worked for Martha Stewart, lives at the farm full time, while Josh, an author, commutes from their apartment in New York City to the farm at the weekend.

The series chronicles the couple's trials and tribulations as novice farmers, aided by their resident farmer John Hall - "Farmer John." The goats on the farm seem to play a predominant role. 'Farmer John' brought his goats to the Beekman Farm shortly after Brent and Josh purchased it in 2007.

It does take a while for some things to filter as far as New Zealand, and unfortunately I doubt the show will be broadcast here in the near future (but that's what DVDs are for). In the meantime, there are some clips from the show available at the Planet Green website.

There is also their hilarious 'Goat-Cam' for when one gets really bored (I always know what our goats are up to, as they are always up to no good (getting stuck in fences or eating our hedging).

Both of the boys have their own blogs:


Lucindaville and Hello Gorgeous have both enlightened us to the fact that the Beekman boys now have a book out (once again, not available in NZ, but that is what Amazon is for).

Now I shall just have to wait with anticipation for the post to arrive...

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  1. Somehow I just can't see you signing on the dotted line for a reality TV series of Willowbrook Park. But if you did I'd be your first subscriber, it would be best thing on telly!
    Millie x


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