Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Love...

Our first post...

At the time I posted this first blog, I was completely blogilliterate. As you can see, now I've even mastered the art of mobile blogging. Luckily blogger was fairly self explanatory, but I wasn't sure whether this was going to be a 5 minute craze for me, or something more sustainable.

As it turned out, almost 200 posts later, this has been something much more than a fad. I have made some fantastic friends, and have found a very easy way to collate all our ideas for Willowbrook. Not all of them have come to fruition, but most are well underway; and I have discovered that blogging provides a way to be creative with lots of support from others online, and an excellent forum to tweak our ideas or get other people's advice, A place to share our dreams, not just our realities.

For all of you who have been regular commentators on this blog, I thank you. Following Millie's sensible lead, if your blog is one of those on the right, whose presence is cherished enough to be on our blogroll, please share your own blog-love story with us.


  1. I'm so glad you dived into BloggieLand David & Peter! I've had so much fun since your first post 'tagging' along with you both on your amazing journey to create WP. I know there are many more pages of this story to write yet & of course, the Happy Ending which will be awesome! Easter Blessings to you both.
    Millie x

  2. Hello Peter and David:
    What an absolute treasure trove Willowbrook Park is. You have very obviously come a long way since your first post which, enlarged, we read with interest.

    What fun to be starting an online shop modelled on that of HRH The Prince of Wales in Tetbury. He has certainly made a success of this venture, as has similarly Debo Devonshire at Chatsworth.

    We so love your idea of pleasure grounds to surround the house as an appropriate setting for it. It is now some years since we were at Highgrove, but then we found the gardens a huge disappointment.

    We have signed as Followers.

  3. Well done, keep it up. Very interesting and much appreciated


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