Thursday, April 19, 2012

Biding my time...

Only 2 weeks left until I fly to Melbourne to sit the exam. Study has been going well, but I wish it was  over and done as I have had enough and I want my life back!

I found this clip when I was having some down time, and it cheered me up - It's barking mad, but it cheered me up...

Anyway, soon it will all be over, and the Willowbrook Park blog will be having a relaunch party. 

Swing by on Saturday 12 May, for a new look blog with lots of interesting, [non-exam-related] posts on Art, Architecture, Design, Gardening, and Cooking! We look forward to unveiling the new look to you all soon.


  1. Thinking of you David & sending you lots of positive thoughts for your Clinicals. If you need a patient MOTH's happy to volunteer, being the typical Virgo, he just loves talking about all his health 'issues' with anyone who'll listen!! Looking forward to seeing a new look here as well, makes me feel very guilty that The Hedge is long overdue for the same.
    Millie xx

  2. Good luck with your exams, and all of the study and preparation for them. God speed, as they say. We look forward to your triumphant return! Reggie


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