Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh No!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

Unfortunately my first post of the year starts off by announcing calamity: I decided to upgrade my blogger account to Google+. I then found a whole lot of photos in the albums of my Google+ account, and not knowing any better deleted them, with the result that it has removed HUNDREDS of photos from previous posts. It is going to take me weeks to put them back on the blog, if I can even find them again.

So, in the interim "Bear with, bear with".



  1. I would be the blind leading the blind in these matters. When I bought my new laptop I also bought Word 2010, but I find it incredibly difficult to use for the most basic functions, (such as copy & paste). Which is why I am quite often loathe to try new programmes. Good luck insorting out the reinstallation.

  2. Thanks Columnist,
    It is going to be a long job that I chip away at over the next few months until it is done. So frustrating - I'm off to have a glass of wine!

  3. If it's any consolation I did exactly the same thing only a few months ago. I can therefore understand the sense of disbelief and panic that would have overcome you. I stayed up overnight then with only two hours sleep spent all the following two days piecing it all together again from the images which were thankfully also stored in individual folders on my back-up. My commiserations, I understand your frustration.

  4. Updated my blog template while 'poking around'. Could not get original template back.

    Deleted, by accident, almost a decade of client contact info. Made me dizzy in my chair, hands shook. Never got it back.

    Did the google+ thing and many things were 'changed'. What to do?

    Yesterday, Chrome said my blog was malware and would not link to it.

    A few hours later it was fixed. By me. Wore-me-out !

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


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