Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Last week was full of sad moments. I was happy to be back home and see WBP, but my trip was marred by receiving a call on my birthday to say that my horse, Rawdon, had dropped dead of a heart attack, aged 18. 

He had been away at a riding camp for the past eight weeks and from reports had been having a great time. During one of the treks he just dropped to his knees and within a minute was dead. I guess it was not a horribly bad way to go, but he was still fairly young and it was a terrible shock.

We also said goodbye to the last of our boer goats. We sold the remainder of our herd in order to focus on our other rare breeds, which have been more rewarding and less time consuming.


  1. Hello, I've been following your site for a bit now, loving all the beautiful pictures and ideas. My husband and I are building a house in the country as well… though the desert, not the green countryside. I'm so sorry about your horse. I dread the day one of ours goes.


  2. I"m sorry to hear of this sad loss, David. Animals quickly become a part of the family and our sadness when they die is 'palpable'. At least Rawdon was having a good time, and enjoying himself.
    I shall be thinking of you.


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