Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Frieze Frame...

While I was back home I checked on the progress of the exterior details - the columns, capitals and frieze bands. Konstantinos, our master carver, had finished carving the prototype for the two large columns on either side of the central portion of the manor.

Above: pictures/details of the upside down capital for the main columns. He has carved a quarter of it, as the other three quarters will be direct replications.

Below: The boxing for the frieze band. 

I designed the frieze band detail myself.
Above: The profile for the frieze band

The boxing is a positive detail for the plaster work, which will be painted in fibreglass and then cast in latex to make a negative mold. The negative mold will then be used to create the 100m of frieze band required to encircle the house at the midfloor level (seen sitting on the columns below):

Usually a frieze band goes at the top of a building forming the middle part of the entablature...

We have two frieze bands, one at the top below the modillions/dentils which will render the entablature to look something like this:

But we also have a mid-floor frieze band such as seen in these buildings below:
Above: The Royal Albert Hall has several frieze bands at various levels.

Some of the inspiration for our frieze band design:


  1. This is all looking lovely. I've been following this project from the beginning and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. How wonderful to see such old-world skills alive and well and being applied to your wonderful building. You are very fortunate to have discovered such a talent as is found in Konstantinos.

  3. Hello Lord Cowell,
    Absolutely stunning details. the carving and your design ideas are terrific.
    Big hug,


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