Friday, July 17, 2015

Gala Opening and Royal Fireworks...

We are having fun planning the gala opening for this November. How precipitous given that we are a way off finishing yet!

Dress: Cravat Noir.
Guest list: Hand picked family and friends.
Donations at the door for our selected charity.
Invitations ready to be sent to the engravers.
Champagne in the cellar.
Canapes and Caterer chosen.
Floral arrangements planned.
Music chosen, and String Quartet arranged to play the rejouissance from Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks at 10pm for a firework display. 

The pyrotechnics will be launched from the upstairs terrace whilst the guests enjoy them from the cocktail lawn below. Hopefully the evening will be more successful than the actual Royal fireworks display in 1749, arrange by George II to celebrate the end of the Austrian Wars of Succession. It rained for the entire time, and the stage, erected in Green Park for the display and musicians, caught fire!


  1. I'll be waiting for my invitation ;-)

  2. What could be more perfect than a String Quartet playing Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks! November should be a perfect time.

  3. How exciting! Wish I could be there to help celebrate. Sounds like it will be a glorious affair!

  4. Sounds FANTASTIC!! After all of these years of hard work a celebration is definitely in order!


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