Sunday, February 14, 2016

Miami Allá Voy!

This week I am off to the city of glittering golden tans, bulging biceps, Cuban coffee, models and mojitos, hot latin cuisine and even hotter latin nights! Yes that's right, Miami.

I was invited to go to a 10 day leadership forum with 5 days in Miami and 5 days in Orlando. I've never been to Florida before, so am quite excited, although it won't be all sun and beaches. It will be a lot of hard work as I understand that the forum is very intense. It is not only a series of conferences, but also hospital visits to see how implementing certain changes has an impact upon healthcare provision and patient experiences. 

It is such an amazing opportunity, I am very grateful to the powers that be for investing in me the way they have. I still think I should be able to fit in some time for exploring. If I get up early each morning I can go for a run along the beach and have breakfast out somewhere.

I have one free day, Saturday and I plan to make the most of it. I'll make an early start with a run, swim and then breakfast before looking around some of the shops and markets. 

I'll swing by little Havana for lunch and a mooch around, 

then back to over to South beach for dinner at a nice seafood restaurant and then maybe a little bit of late night salsa!

Although I probably won't fit in with the botoxed bentley-driving set eating kobe beef siders and ordering champagne by the bottle, I'm ensure I'll enjoy it all none the less.

I look forward to sharing some actual photos of the trip when I get back at the end of the month.

Meanwhile Peter is still frantically stringing chandeliers, pruning roses, stocking guest rooms and planning the finishing touches for the big day - less than 3 weeks away today.

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