Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake...

Thank you to everyone who has expressed sympathy following the earthquake in Christchurch yesterday. The death toll so far is at 75, with many people still missing. The PM has declared a state of national emergency: more than half the city is without power or water; the city's waste system has been extensively damaged; and emergency accommodation has been set up for the many who are homeless. The days ahead will be grim for many, but New Zealand has a history of pulling together as a nation during the tough times and I am sure we will see many acts of generosity and supererogation flow from those lucky enough to be unaffected, like We here at Willowbrook Park.

Fairwell too, to many of our well beloved landmarks...

Christchurch's Anglican Cathedral before and after

Christchurch's Roman Catholic Cathedral before and after



  1. What a nightmare :( I hope everyone that people are still alive in the concrete rubble and get pulled out in time. Four rescue teams have come over from Australia with our best hopes.

    Since the Pacific rim around the NZ coast is known as an earthquake area, were houses and businesses subject to any special earthquake-resistent building code? Did newly constructed buildings survive any better than old buildings?

  2. The Antipodes do seem to be suffering hellish natural disaters in recent times - fires and flooding in Australia, and several earthquakes in New Zealand in the last few years.

    As you note, the area is peopled with those of strong and determined characteristics, and we all hope it will see you through this latest horror.

  3. I saw that on the Tv and thought of you. Now I see where you are. I didn't realize New Zealand was two islands. Must have had dumb Teachers in Texas.


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